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    Legend does not display when only one value in dimension

    Jack Diller

      I have created a simple self-contained test project to demonstrate this issue.


      I have a stacked bar chart with 3 dimensions: Customer, Store, and Product.  The following picture shows the chart appearing correctly with a legend shown on Product with a different bar segment color for each product shown on the chart.


      However, when I select the customer 'Jane Doe' there is only one Product value to display.  When I do this the Product Legend is empty and I can't tell which product I am looking at because I don't know which product the bar represents.  The below picture shows this, with my annotations added in red to highlight the issue.


      What makes this even more strange is if I click on the bar chart's caption to make the chart 'active' then the Legend populates showing that blue represents the product 'Gasoline'.  However, if I then save the QVW file, the legend again goes blank.


      Any ideas on what causes this, and know of any workarounds?


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