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    Hidden Scripts and Opening Documents Problem



      I'm new to QlikView on the admin side of things and need some help.


      I have an application (.qvw) with a hidden script.  The hidden script has a password.  After I enter the password, the hidden script tab normally appears, but now nothing appears after I type in the password.  Anyone know how or why the tab disappeared and/or how I can get it back?


      I know if the hidden script was deleted, there wouldn't be an option to edit it or enter a password, so the script still has to be there, right?


      I've also run into an issue where I'm getting "Access Denied to this QlikView document.  The document failed to open." error, yet the account is a Named CAL user and all the files have the user enabled with Full Control on them.




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          Sunny Talwar

          The only thing I can think of is that the you might have mistakenly entered incorrect password. You might think that incorrect password would show you an error message, but that isn't true. You won't see any error, the only way to know that the password is incorrect is that the hidden script won't show up (just how you are not seeing it)

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              Thanks for the fast reply Sunny.


              Well that would be a worse case scenario which I hope hasn't happened.  The scripts used to have the same password as the admin account.  If someone went in and changed that, is there a way to reset it?


              I was told that the file might be locked so that even entering the correct password, won't give me access to the hidden script.  Is that possible?  If so, how do I go about unlocking that file?

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              Peter Cammaert

              Which copy of the document are you trying to open? And are you trying to open a QVW or are you using the Open in Server... menu entry?


              Distributed documents that have been reloaded by the QlikView Publisher will have all their script removed. That's about the only case of disappearing scripts that I know of.

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                  So I was able to track down the password on the hidden script issue.


                  One of my other QlikView Admins went in and changed the Hidden Script passwords on all our docs that had hidden scripts, without informing any of us.  Needless to say, we were not happy.


                  The other issue we had with opening documents had to do with 3 checkmarks under the Document Preferences.  While I knew about the 2 "Initial Data Reduction Based on Section Access" and "Strict Exclusion" under document properties, I did not know about the "Filter AccessPoint Document List Based on Section Access" under the Server tab.  Once I got rid of all 3 checkmarks, the users are now able to open the file.


                  Thanks for the assistance.