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    Qlik Sense Platform - Reload/Refresh data AFTER an APP is published

      Hi guys!


      Imagine a user created an app with data connection to database and found it valuable to share the app with a greater group.

      He published the app and now everyone can see it - great!

      A month later, some user accessed the app and found the data obsolete.

      How does he refresh/reload the data within the app?


      It seems that Qlik Sense does offer the option to reload data via data manager/ data load editor but before the app is published.

      Once the app is published to the Stream, the option is no longer available, or is it hidden somewhere?


      It seems meaningless to publish an app if its data cannot be refreshed/reloaded unless you just wanted to share a snapshot.

      How do you guys see it?

      Any idea if there's a way to refresh/reload data after an app is published?


      Thank you very much.