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    Nprinting query



      Request you to let me know if there is a restriction in nprinting that two tasks can not be scheduled to generate pdfs at the same time. For e.g. if a schedule of nprinting is executing for a one business from 3 PM to 4 PM then for another business a schedule cannot run at the same time. It needs to be scheduled only after the pdfs of the first business are completed.


      Kindly provide inputs on it.



      Harshraj Sanghvi

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          NPrinting runs all tasks, reports, jobes, etc. sequentially so if you have 2 tasks within the same job, the second one will not run until the first job is finished.


          If your run your first job at 3 and the second one at 4, if the first one for whatever reason takes more than an hour, the second one will not start until the first one is done

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            This is a big constraint of Nprinting. I have two different businesses requesting me to schedule pdfs at the same time and I am in no position to be able to cater to this requirement.


            Is there any workaround by which we can overcome this constraint.


            Thank you.

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              Mike Czerwonky

              We just bought a second Nprinting server license so that we could balance the immediate need of on demand jobs with the potential of an extended time schedule query.  We also put in place a test Nprinting Server for development.   I am however, looking forward to version 17 and multi task report queues.


              Any guess on the general release date for Nprinting 17?