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    Finding and extracting a substring

      Hi there.


      I know that the wildmatch function allows to detect if a particular substring is inside a certain string but, would there be any way to extract that substring?


      The string would be a text from an email subject field which sometimes includes (in a variable location) a reference number that always starts with Q2 and has a length of 10 characters (e.g. Q238832439). I'd need to get that 'Q238832439' extracted.


      Any help or guidance will be appreciated.




        • Re: Finding and extracting a substring

          Hi again.


          Found something that seems to work:


              if(wildmatch(text_field,'*Q2*')=0,'NO','Q2'&left(subfield(text_field,'Q2',2),8)) as my_field;


          It works as follows:


          if the text field contains one of the references we are looking for it takes the part of the string to the right of 'Q2', then extracts 8 characters starting from the left and adds 'Q2' at the beginning.


          Otherwise it includes the word 'NO' in my_field.


          So kind of sorted.