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    Undesired auto-resizing



      Someone in my team has a problem I can't explain...

      When he opens any QlikView document, all the objects are resized (50 px wider).

      As it appears in objects properties, it is not just a zoom issue... and we don't use any macro.

      I think there is something regarding user preferences, but I can't find what.


      Do you have any idea ?

      Or, do you know how to reset user preferences to default ? Maybe that could do it...


      Thanks for your help


        • Re: Undesired auto-resizing
          Vladimir Komarov

          Are you talking about Sense or View documents?

          And objects are "50 px wider" comparing with other user's systems?

          If we are talking about QlikSense, than it's working as designed..

          It handles different screen sizes/resolutions to make the UI look similar on different screens. Of course it could be some slight differences...

          I bet this is the reason for your issue.