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    Connecting to Novell eDirectory

      Hi all,

      I've been getting several questions from customers about Novell eDirectory lately. Has anyone been successful at authenticating users against Novell eDirectory?

      As far as I can see there are two possible scenarios:

      1. Give Novell users / groups filesystem-level access to QVWs on the server (using QVserver in NTFS mode) -> am I correct on this one, or is this only possible for Windows domains?
      2. Find a DSP (directory service plugin) which will communicate with eDirectory, and use QVserver DMS mode -> haven't seen a trace yet of any DSP for eDirectory yet...
      3. (Scenario 2b: install the SDK and build your own DSP...)

      Could anyone of you tell me if my assumption in scenario 1 is correct (as I'm not an eDirectory expert), or does anyone know if there already is an eDirectory DSP?

      With regards,

      Martijn ter Schegget
      CND Development