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    set analysis. Unable to filter, keep getting sum of all record.

    Teck Rul Saw

      Hi Qlikers,


      I have manage to get several set analysis expression to work correctly, but there's something weird about this weird expression, 


      Sum(${<Inventory_Date={"$(=DATE(MAX(Inventory_Date), 'DD/MM/YYYY'))"},Shipment_Qty_Type={"Closed"}, dateSet={"$(=MonthName(addmonths(MAX(dateSet),-1)))"},QUANTITY_UM={"CTN"}>}total_qty)


      The objective of this expression is to get the previous month's shipped_qty, but somehow, what I'm getting is always the sum of all of the records.


      The below is the raw data. Actual Ship Date in the load script is loaded as,

      "MonthName(Date("Actual Ship Date", 'DD-MM-YYYY')) as dateSet"


      I have attach the app as well. please help ;(