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    Moving object to another sheet


      our user, who have no license for a local QlikView-Installation, can't move objects from one sheet to another. They get a Named User CAL/Session CAL from the Server, when opening the qvw via IE-Plugin (8.5).

      I've checked this by deleting my license in the registry. With the license I could move objects in the plugin to other sheets, but after deleting the license I was not able to do so.

      Can anyone confirm this behaviour or has a resolution for this?

        • Moving object to another sheet
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Be sure to allow in Sheet Properties / Move Sheet Objects is checked. Anyway, if licensing allows you to open the document, and there are no restrictions to moving, changing objects, there shouldn't be any problem for that.

          When I don't have a license in the server, I just cannot open the document.

            • Moving object to another sheet

              Move Sheet Objects is checked in the properties. I think that it's a bug in the Plugin. But than other people should have this problem, too.

              I didn't mean the license of the server, but the local QlikView Developer/Professional license. If this license is installed, it is shown in the Plugin in the About QlikView dialogue and you can move the objects to other sheets. But without the license you can't do this. Everything else is working fine.



                • Moving object to another sheet


                  I got a similar problem after upgrading our server to 8.5.
                  All my users have the plugin installed and view the applications with internet explorer.
                  Before the upgrade with server 7 they had no problem with moving / resizing the objects on sheets in the application.
                  Now with server 8.5 they can't move or resize anything in the reports.
                  I've checked the tickboxes for document, sheet and object properties to verify that the checkboxes to allow move/resize are ticked.

                  There seems to be a setting somewhere that overrides this but I just can't find it.
                  Anyone got a clue of where else I can look?