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    Repository Snapshot Manager - Restore crashes QS environmet

    Ladislav Capo

      Hi Altogether,


      I am having problems with Repository Snapshot Manager, exactly with the RESTORE operation. BACKUP operations has been completed successfully (at least looks like, size is 1,4GB and all applications are present). But when I tried to RESTORE from created backup, process ended successfully but the Qlik Sense environment cannot be accessed (services are up and running and all files seems to be present). I am facing an error message "Page not found" when trying to access QMC or HUB.


      The backup command looks like:

      RepositorySnapshotManager.exe -backup -path=F:\Qlik\Backups -supportingContentLocation=F:\extra -databasePassword=dfgg45Fr800


      The restore command looks like:

      RepositorySnapshotManager.exe -restore -path=F:\bk\.2015-07-02-12.57.10-Z.backup -ver=2.0.1 -installer=F:\QlikSenseInstaller -supportingContentLocation=F:\extra -u="DOMAIN\username" -p="userpassword123"


      I am using Qlik Sense Enterprise 2.1.1

      Have anybody faced this issue and could provide any comments?

      Thanks in advance!