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    on an externale event / trigger from SAP process chain possible?


      Hi Community


      Version 9.0


      Today we had a first meeting at a prospective client. The automation of load processes was a primary concern, therefore lot’s of questions about the SAP Connector came up.


      In the section (QEMC) Source Documents > Triggers > Current Triggers the configuration can set to “on an external event”. According to this it should be possible to hand over the information from a SAP process chain to the QV Server.


      There are two questions:

      -          How can I guarantee that SAP data in a InfoCube or DSO will be updated in a QV application automatically? Is it – for example – possible to hand over an SAP event out of a process chain to the QV Server? If yes, how?

      -          Is it also possible for Access DB and Excel-Files which are updated?


      Thanks in advance for your help.




      … ps: already went through different articles and found several interesting topics. But nothing helped me. If there are other articles, please just refer on them.