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    Help with keys / tables

    Daniel Mann

      Good Evening everyone,


      I need your help as I am getting very confused with keys and associations.


      I have 13 tables each of which contain the columns Year, Month & Ship.


      When I loaded the data into the system, it generated a synthetic key table.


      Now when I am creating graphs based on Month I am getting odd results, sometimes the Months are not ordered correctly, sometimes I am getting a new bar names ' - ' which I can get rid of if I deselect null values, but I don't have any null values in the table data.


      Am I doing something wrong?

        • Re: Help with keys / tables
          Marcus Sommer

          If your tables contain the same content or at least are quite familiar together then it's often the best to concatenate these tables, like:



          Load * From t1;


          Load * From t2;


          Load * From t3;



          Commenly used are also combined keys between the tables to avoid the synthetic keys, like:


          Year & '|' & Month & '|' & Ship as KEY


          whereby I do not believe that those approach will be really suitable for you with 13 tables.


          Many good postings about how to develop datamodels could you find here:


          Get started with developing qlik datamodels.


          - Marcus