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    Grid chart

      Hi all,


      my aim is to plot the Avg(km) and Avg(Seniority) of some veichles according to two variables:

      1) the satisfaction level: a four level variable  ranging from "very dissatisfied (overall 1-4)" to "very satisfied (overall 9-10)"

      2) the contribution achieved: a three level variable meaning: "complete reimbursement"; "partial reimbursement"; "no reimbursed"


      I would have a graph like the following:

      - Y= seniority

      - X= km

      Points in the chart define the average km and seniority for the i-group. Each group is reppresented by the two variable explained before (satisfaction level and contribution achieved).



      I get the chart by creating three different chart, one for each contribution level. But it is not working properly. Enclosed a qvw example to better understand my point:

      1) i.e., how can I set my chart so that cases with a very low satisfaction (overall 1-4) should be reppresented with black colour? Should I specify this requirement in the expressions property or in the dimension one? In the example exnclosed it seems that only the colour tab is the driver, but I don't like that.

      2) Is there a way to get the same result with one single chart?


      Thank you for your help!

      All the best (and happy new year!!!)