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    question about data retrival

    Philip Flynt

      I'm currently working on a project using the .net SDK qlik engine for my boss and he wants me to try and do something that I'm not sure is possible.  We've been using qlik to retrieve data from our server and display it in reports that have a nice static layout and everything's been going just fine, but I've hit a small road block with my latest adventure.  We have a report that is 100% dynamic between the order of the columns on the page to the types of columns that can appear in the report such as report one could be columns {A,B,C,D} while report two could be {A,D,C,B} and report 3 could be {X,A,B,Y}.


      Is it possible to retrieve data from Qlik without using an object? Such as can I apply filters to the app and just pull the possible values that weren't filtered from the fields their selves?

      In my previous attempts I would just recreate the report in Qlik using an object and pull that data back out from that and feed it into the program.


      The solution I'm more leaning towards is just having my code create a new sheet with a new table it in on the fly with the dimensions and  measures that would be needed on the fly and afterwards delete the sheet if the client doesn't want that particular report saved.  The only issue I have then is working out how to correctly get that newly created table to get the correct column order.


      Any suggestions and pointers would be welcomed with this, and if you need more information for clarification just ask and i'll try my best to explain better if possible.