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    Authorization using SSO, Webticket with Header Authentication

    Amir Vastani



      Has anyone worked on Authorization using custom SSO solution? I am curious to find out how Authorization is done for Accesspoint page to build a custom portal for the users.


      Here's my situation:


      1. IIS 8.0

      2. Win2012

      3. QV 11.2

      4. Using server in DMS Mode, Header Authentication with authentication being done by my third party provider


      I am able to successfully retrieve and webticket and launch accesspoint. But it is either showing all documents (when user documents setting is All Users), or no documents. I would like the authorization to recognize the user's group name from the third party SSO provider and build a custom accesspoint of documents that group is authorized to view.


      What do I need to setup in the DSC? Do I need to have a Configurable ODBC or LDAP to the third party SSO to be able to sync with it?


      I am not using AD to replicate the user setup from the SSO. Is that required?


      Also, how does Section Access work in this case? I am thinking this is an easier problem than the former on Accesspoint page being populated for the user.


      Any thoughts? Thanks,