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    Stuck with Cycling Reports



      I have a requirement to create a powerpoint report  in nprinting.

      The first slide will have no selections and will show all projects.

      Slide 2-7 will cycle through the projects showing a single project per page.


      I've started using the page feature in nprinting, the first slide just has the graph


      The second slide has the graph and the page item (project name) I've set this page item to work on slides 2-7


      The result im getting is the first slide with no selections and then first project selection, then I get the first slide again , then the second project on the next slide. So its alternating I've tried many different things and it doesn't seem to be working . Does anyone have any ideas ?


      Also they wanted to include a logo for each project, in the Qvw they are images which have conditional show based on the project selected when I bring them into the nprinting it overlays with the non active one . Does anyone know how to make them hidden if not selected ?


      Any help appreaciated