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    Conditional Count Between Two Values

    Feras Alsuhaibani

      HI all,


      So I am new to Sense, and I have been playing with Sense's Desktop version. I have a question and I am wishing for your kind help.


      I have records and I want to classify how many records are finished with < 5 hours, between 5 and 10 hours and > 10 hours. Now I have been searching and I came across this method:


      Count({$<AccHoursDiff = {'< 5'} >} distinct ID)


      But my issue how can I modify this function so that I can satisify the second condition without having to specify the values i.e.


      Count({$<AccHoursDiff = {'5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10'} >} distinct ID)