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    Set analysis for cumulative data



      I have data that has selection for year and month and I want to see a cumulative amount for up to the period chosen. So if, say, user selects "7" for month, I would like to get the cumulative Jan-July for this selection, while year variable is not affected - if year is not selected, the user gets cumulative for Jan-July, but if year is chosen, say 2014, then user sees cumulative Jan-July for 2014.


      I am trying to use a very simple code, but it does not seem to work in pivot table (I must use pivot table):

      Sum({$<month_id={"<=$month_id"}>} (sum_invoiced_company_eur+freight_company_eur)/1000)


      Could you please point me to the correct direction of modifying it?

      Thanks in advance!