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    Can't see Nprinting Schedules in Nprinting server under Monitoring tool tab

    Liam Gilmer

      Hello Community,


      I really hope that you can help me to fix this issue.


      I am using both Nprinting Designer and Nprinting Server.

      I can easily send reports on demand from Nprinting designer console. However, I would like to automate my schedules.

      In designer created task->job and schedule, all are in active mode,and linked correctly.


      While starting Schedule , from the log file I can see following error:

      Message Error:

      QlikView NPrintingService initialization error: Impossible to switch window station. System Error.  Code: 5. Access is denied

      Service 06/01/2016 11:17:59 Message Stopping scheduler


      So I believe this is the reason why I am unable to see my 4 schedulers in Monitoring Tool .


      It is very frustrating as I think I have set up everything correctly in server: all service configuration statuses are green, start type is Automatic, services are started, I have licensed qlikview version on server, Nprinting server uses own service account(not the qlikview)



      Is anyone knows how to fix it?


      Thanks in advance