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    Linking KPI to sheet depending upon the KPI itself

      Hi All,


      I have 4 KPIs on my main sheet. All these KPIs are being shown based on calculations done in variables.


      Now i want to link these KPIs to a bar chart on another sheet.


      Does qliksense has any such functionality through which the selected KPI leads to that very bar chart ?


      I will explain via example.




      All these 4 KPI are shown using variables. The maximum 4 values are calculated in variables and are then shown. The names Rule1, Rule2 and so on are stored in 4 different vaiables based on max 4 values.


      Now if user clicks on KPI for Rule1, another sheet opens up showing bar graph for rule1.




      Again the heading Rule1 is a variable.


      Now the problem is that i want this bar graph to dynamically to Rule2 if user clicks the KPI for Rule2 on the first sheet.


      Is this achievable in qlik sense?


      Please guide me in this regard.


      Thanks in advance.


      Disha Ahuja