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    Reduce Document Name by Day Text


      Dear Qlik Gurús,


      We have installed Publisher in our Qlikview and I'd like to Reduce Document by Day text (Mondat, Tuesday...). In reduce tab, I see that I can Reduce by Month Text, Day, etc. But Day Text is not availble. I have not found the way to do it. The only one possibily that I wondered is to create a new field in Qlikview called "Day Description" that takes the descrption of the current date and then Reduce by Field Value "Day Description", but I don't think that creating a new field for this is the best option.


      The reason I want to this in the document is that I want to have a Back Up of the Applications with data of the last 7 days. Now I have done it with the reduction Name Day (ID) but then the buck up is 31 documents and it takes too much space in the server.


      Any idea about how to handle this?