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    Qlik Sense - Number of points (lat/long) inside Zone

    Syed Jawwad Hussain

      Dear All,


      Hope everyone is fine.


      We are working on a fleet control system and have a requirement to find out the number of points inside a zone.  We have the zone as a kml file and coordinates of all the activities of the vehicles.


      We want to find out the count of days in which a certain activity (engine off) happened inside the zone after 4pm.


      How can we do this through qlik sense using maps?


      The vehicle datalog contains the following fields


      vehicle id, gpsdateandtime, lat, long, log_di1

      1001, 20160101121500, 24,90, 34.43, 0

      1001, 20160101121612, 25.12, 36.54, 1


      The criteria for engineoff is where log_di = 0.  We can easily extract date and time from the gpsdateandtime field.


      How is it possible to show whether the vehicle is inside the zone? and how many days it satisfies this criteria after 4pm.


      Will appreciate if someone can assist.