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    Importing Active Directory Users

    Ralph Graham



      I'm implementing NPrinting and have a question around the active directory aspect of the product. Obviously with QlikView it is fairly easy to link into AD and set up different distribution rules per QVW and the connection to AD is done once through the server.


      In terms of NPrinting, do I need to create a link to AD for each NSQ project that I create? So if I can a project based on one QVW (e.g. Sales) and only want to distribute this to certain users their AD do I need to create a AD task that is specific for this task? And then if I had another QVW (e.g. Operations) and only want to distribute to another group of users via their AD information do I again need to create another NPrinting task to extract from AD?


      Or is there a global task that can be used for multiple NSQ projects so that I don't need to extract from AD for every project task?