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    QV9 is not updating data with autoreload

      • Our QV document is setup to load data from remote source.
      • We have setup a task in QV publisher to automatically reload QV document on a daily basis.
      • Log shows that the task was run and the file "last modified" date in the User Documents changes, but no new data is actually shown in the file.
      • On the other hand, if we "force run" the task manually from management console, the new data shows up.

      How can we make sure that autoruns of the task update the file?

        • QV9 is not updating data with autoreload
          Vlad Gutkovsky


          How is the remote resource defined in Publisher? Meaning, are you using the full UNC path, or is it a mapped drive?

            • QV9 is not updating data with autoreload

              We load an XML file through http. The file is generated upon http request.

                • QV9 is not updating data with autoreload
                  Vlad Gutkovsky

                  This sounds like a QV bug to me--if something can be reloaded manually, there's no reason you should have a problem reloading it with a schedule. It might be a good idea to report this to Qliktech so they can fix it in future releases. For now, a workaround would be to:

                  1. Install QV Desktop on the server
                  2. Create a batch script that reloads the QVW. Format for this would be [install directory]\QV.exe /r [file directory\filename.qvw
                  3. Define the batch script as a "Supporting Task" in the QEMC --> System tab and set a trigger to have the script run on a schedule
                  4. If you have any tasks that are dependent on the doc getting reloaded, you can create the dependencies for this new Supporting Task the usual way from the Source Documents page
              • QV9 is not updating data with autoreload

                Have you found a casue/ solution to this problem. I am experincing a similar issue.


                We reload all data into QVDs. We then reload a seperate qvw that only uses the qvds. When the job runs nightly the new data in the qvds in not picked up but if I run the job manually through the publisher the new data shows up?

                This has just started happening recetly and it is only happening on one QVW which leads me to believe this is casued by a change I made to the qvw. I did recently add a macro could this have any impact?