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    Loading from QVS using $(Import=...) causes "€" to become "€"

    Nathaniel Anderson

      See attached QVW and QVS.

      Download both to the same directory and reload.


      Notice how this SET in the QVS file:

      SET vCurrency = '€';


      Becomes this in the variable window after load:


      load with euro.PNG


      I think this is an encoding problem.

      encoding issue in notepad.png

      I think I cannot "set" the encoding  of my QVS file. Even if Notepad++ "tells me" it is encoded in UTF-8 Qlikview could not "detect" its encoding by reading the file alone.


      Is there a way I can "instruct" Qlikview what kind of encoding to use?


      When put the SET expression into the "builtin" load script in the QVW, (i.e. I don't Import anything) it works fine.