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    Distribution Service Stopping without Reason

    Brent Nichol

      Recently we upgraded to QV 11.2 SR12.


      Every Sunday since upgrading to this version (4 weeks) the Server stops processing between 3:30am and 5:00am.  Upon investigation, the server displays as active, but the only option in the service screen is the 'Start' service button.  In the QMC, the message 'Publisher is down' is displayed.


      After starting the service, everything is fine until the next week.


      I've reviewed all the logs and nothing indicates why or when the service stopped.  The next entry is the 'Initializing QlikView Distribution Service... Please wait..', after the service is started.


      Is this a known issue in SR12?  Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms? 


      I'm upgrading to SR13 at the earliest availability, but am curious if this will address the issue.  Is anyone seeing this issue in SR13?


      Thanks for your support,