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    on demand report takes more time on access point

    srinivas b

      Hi All,


      Finally I able to download the NPrinting on demand report on access point.but now the issue is it(report queue) takes more time to process completion of report genates.So there is a performance issue now.Even I saved the qvw in normal mode only.


      Kindly provide the solution to get report in less time from report queue.


      Many thanks in advance for u r great support......

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          Mike Czerwonky

          Not sure what your reference point is.   If I run reports On-Demand, they do usually take longer to run than if I am running a task in the scheduler.   In one of my reports, I can run in the task scheduler and average 30-45 seconds to run depending on the data volume.  If I run the same report on demand from an access point, it almost always takes 2 minutes or longer.


          Adam, my friend, or anyone have any benchmark data on the difference in performance between on demand and task scheduling?

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              I do not have any true benchmark information but Mike, I agree with you - I have noticed that runing the same report on demand takes longer than the task.


              Question - in on demand, are you running a single report or a task, and is the report being emailed to multiple people, or are you using dynamic naming - these are feature/functions that can cause a report to take longer to run