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    Print Report - Timeout has been exceeded

    Simone Spanio

      Hi all,

      I've a strange issue.


      One of our customer has a .qvw with a button with "Print Report" action. When opened with QlikView Client, it works fine (--> panel to choose the printer and then... print!), but opened in Access Point (either with Ajax and with IE Plugin) it immediateley gives a js alert with "Timeout has been exceeded" message. I inspected logs, restarted services, tried to add PDFPrintTimeoutInSeconds=120 in settings.ini, restarted IIS, lighted a candle to my favourite Saint... but nothing .

      The PDF generated is about 400Kb , so small, too...


      The same .qvw, put in another QV Server, works fine. Another .qvw that in my QV Server works fine... there doesn't work.


      Windows Server 2012

      QV 11 SR 12

      IIS as webserver


      Anyone can help me?

      Thanks in advance,