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    Saving Offline Qlikview files with customization

      Please let us know is there any way that we can provide users, offline Qlikview files with their own customization e.g. User X is working in one file name abc.qvw in server and he has created some pivots and done some customization, as by default Qlikview is creating one more file name abc.qvw.shared for saving user wise customization. Now this user is required to Abc.qvw with his own customization to his local drive and work offline so what will be the way?



      Please suggest!

        • Saving Offline Qlikview files with customization
          Vlad Gutkovsky

          As far as I know, you can't do this with only 1 file. But you can use Publisher to reload and distribute a document so that a separate one is created for each authorized user. Then, the user can open his own file from the server--this file will contain only his customizations since it will be his own file. The advantage of this is that you (or another admin) can still modify the original file with any changes that you want shown for all users