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    QV clustering queries.

    Suman Dhar

      We have 3 server setup-

      1. QV server

      2. QV Publisher

      3. QV IIS


      We have clustered license so we want to use it. We have new server where we have have to install/configure QV app server.


      I have below queries/ doubts. It would be great If youhelp me on that-


      1. Which ports are required to open before configure-

      Please validate-  4747,4780,4720,4730,4750- Yes/no/Other option?


      2. Our first app server pointing to SAN path(QV applications stored) so we have to point the same san area from new server setup?


      3. Root folder location pointing to SAN path. License file stored in the root folder location and the server itself(c:\program\data).

      I came to know that new server should point to the same license file location. How can I do this from the new server?


      4.Like the license file same question for Log file.


      5.Will the other server be accessable from the new app server?