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    Using variable in Set Analysis

      Currently I'm having a problem to use variables in Set Analysis.


      I have set them as below to have 3 variables representing past 3 months.


      Set vPastMonth1 = num(Month(AddMonths(Date(Today()),-1)));

      Set vPastMonth2 = num(Month(AddMonths(Date(Today()),-2)));

      Set vPastMonth3 = num(Month(AddMonths(Date(Today()),-3)));



      And then I'm using them in an expression to get the maximum percentage with past 3 months of 2015:


      max({$ <RawMonth={$(vPastMonth1),$(vPastMonth2),$(vPastMonth3)}, RawYear = {2015}>} [Percentage])




      However, it won't count. If I set them to constant like 12,11,10, this expression will work. Further checked the set statement by using a text box, and they are correct. May I know how come they won't work with set analysis? Thank you very much.