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    Problem with Date and AddDate

    Sebastian Tunnell

      Hi everyone,


      I have been having a problem with a formula in set analysis:



      if([Payment Type ID] = 1

        ,sum({< [Calendar Year Month ID] =  {'$(=max([Calendar Year Month ID]))'}, [Payment Type ID] = {1}, [Calendar Date]=  {'<$(=date(today(0)-4))'}>}  _f_OK_POSITIVE_TRX)

        ,sum({< [Calendar Year Month ID] =  {'$(=max([Calendar Year Month ID])-1)'},[Payment Type ID] = {2},[Calendar Date]=  {'<$(=date(AddMonths(today(0)-4,-1))'}>}  _f_OK_POSITIVE_TRX)


      ,[Merchant ID], [Payment Type ID],[Calendar Date]))


      For some reason this part:




      Works in a text box, but when I use it the set analysis it doesn't. Is there anything I'm missing?