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    Hide expression value from hover-over popup



      I'm trying to hide the default expression value that populates the hover-over popup screen. (I do not want to hide the popup in it's entirety, just the default expression value)


      See attachment for example. There are 2 metric shown in the graph and there is a 3rd invisible one that creates a text-line.


      When I now hover over the bars for Metrics 1 & 2 for period 6 I respectively get:

      20150112 Hover-over IST.png

      I want to hide the default textline in the middle so that no matter which bar in period 6 I hover-over, I get:

      20150112 Hover-over SOLL.png


      How can I hide the default value expression value so that it only shows the dimension & the textline? (Alternatively I would also be happy when I can ONLY show the textline)


      Thanks in advance.


      Regards, Jorrit