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    container selection issue

      Hi experts,



                                 I have two containers, in both 3 charts is there. my requirement is if i select chart in first container, in second container also first chart select, if i select second chart  in first container, in second container also second chart should selceted?


      i'm tried with conditional enabling but it's not working! any solution for this?





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          Thabang Petje



          I do not think this is possible. I think it depends on the way you have modelled your data

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            Massimo Grossi

            maybe some workaround


            - replace the container with button, one button to show the 2 first charts (of 1st and 2nd container), another to show the 2 second charts, ...


            or nested container

            -  single object container with

                 - 1 grid container with 2 chart

                 - 1 grid container with 2 chart

                 - 1 grid container with 2 chart

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              Mike Czerwonky

              It sure would be nice if Qlik created this functionality.  Unfortunately, there is no known way to reference which tab you are selecting on a container.  I have buttons and boilerplate that associate with different tabs that I would like to hide or show depending on which tab of a container I have selected.


              I would pursue maxgro first suggestion and replace the containers with charts that hide or show with buttons.  That is a pretty easy solution and will take the same amount of real estate.  I am sure we could whip up a qvw if you choose to pursue that path