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    qlik sense filter pane header

      hello All

      i have created a filter pane with an if stetment in it, it works fine but the user can see the if statmet as the haeder of the filter pane.

      is there a  way to make my haeder 'x' not if(....)



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          Hemantha kumar Gandrothu



          Go to Filter pane properties --> Dimension ->Enter the Title

          Also, You can change the Filter pane Title by going to General -->Show Titles : ON -->Enter the Title




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            Andy Weir

            could you send a screen shot of this.  I've used If statement to generate title of the filter panel no problem.


            If your filter content is based on an If statement (i.e. for translation purposes) please be aware any filtering on it will display the full condition for its display not an alias.  It is because you are filtering on the data model as a whole not just on that object.

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                hi and thanks all for your replies.


                first thing, I am trying to change the name in the main selection ribbon, did you think my question will be that easy .


                I have a fully populated table but in a specific tab i need less info and the if does the job.


                as for Andy reply I  didn't quit get you, the if statement goes something like this : if(fieldA<=5,FieldB,) fieldA is a numeric key and fieldB is the name of filedA.


                so why in the Ribbon i See the all IF?

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                    Andy Weir

                    When you filter you are filtering the underlying data model not a particular chart.  If you filter on year for example all charts using data associated to year will adjust according.  It is this that appearss in the selection ribbon.  If you were able to alias this it would lean t oduplicate filters.  You will have to live with it for the time being.