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    Storing a Value of a Set analysis expression in a Variable

    mrtransformer mrtransformer

      Hi Guys,


      I am new to Qlik and struggling with storing  a set analysis expression's value in a variable.


      I want to store below expression's value in a variable so that i can use that further for some calculations.


      Min({< Data_Period = {'Weekly'},Formatted_Date = {'>$(=$(vSelectedWeek))'}>} Date,2)


      The above expression works fine if i use it in a text box on a sheet tab. However, it is not working if i try to store its value in a variable and use that variable.


      Set vW1 = Min({< Data_Period = {'Weekly'},Formatted_Date = {'>$(=$(vSelectedWeek))'}>} Date,2);

      Here  vSelectedWeek  is being calculated as follows:

        Set vSelectedWeek = Date(Weekstart(Only(BaseData_Date)),'dd/MM/YYYY');

      Please advise if i am doing anything wrong or is there any other way around to achieve the same?

      Thanks in advance.