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    Changing OneAndOnlyOne ("Always One Selected") on QVS from macro

    Dmitriy Dorosh


      I'm making a bilingual application (Russian + English) with possibility for user to change the language in runtime. In this application I have a set of fields to be "Always One Selected". I'd like also to show in Current Selections box only the fields, corresponding to currently selected language.

      To make it I've made two set of corresponding fields (one russian and one english, for example Month_RU and Month_EN). If currently selected language is English, then Month_EN "Always One Selected" is checked and one selected value can be seen in Current Selections box. Month_RU "Always One Selected" is unchecked and no values are selected in Month_RU.

      When user change the language I run a macro to make Month_RU select corresponding month, then set Month_RU "Always One Selected" to be checked, then uncheck "Always One Selected" in Month_EN and clear selection in Month_EN.

      I.e. in any moment the user see only current language fields in Current Selections box.

      This is the macro I'm using to do it:

      sub SetEnglishAlwaysSetOne
      call SetFieldPropAlwaysSetOne("Month_EN", true)
      call SetFieldPropAlwaysSetOne("Month_RU", false)
      end sub

      sub SetRussianAlwaysSetOne
      call SetFieldPropAlwaysSetOne("Month_RU", true)
      call SetFieldPropAlwaysSetOne("Month_EN", false)
      end sub

      sub SetFieldPropAlwaysSetOne(FieldName, OnlyOne)
      set fld=ActiveDocument.GetField(FieldName)
      if fld.GetValueCount(1) = 0 then
      set val=fld.GetPossibleValues
      if val.Count=1 then
      fld.SelectValues val
      end if
      end if

      if fld.GetValueCount(1) = 1 then
      set fprop = fld.GetProperties
      fprop.ShowAlternatives = false
      fprop.OneAndOnlyOne = OnlyOne
      fld.SetProperties fprop
      if not OnlyOne then
      end if
      end if
      end sub

      This stuff works perfect when qvw-file is opened in standalone QlikView application. But when running on QlikView Server - the macro can not change OneAndOnlyOne property. The server is Version 9 SR1.

      Is there any limitations in changing this property when running application on Server or it is just a bug?

      If this is a limitation (and may be not the only one), so where I could get a full list of those server-side macro limitations?

      Also, is there any example of macro to use instead "Always One Selected" option and make a field behave like this option is checked?

      Thank You.