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    Is it possible to log into the Acess Point using both LDAP and local windows users

    Isabelle Andrade

      We've configured our Qlikview Access Point to enable login from LDAP, but now it's not possible to login with local users anymore. How can I enable both types of login?


      Qlikview Configuration:

      • QlikView Enterprise Edition Enterprise Server + QlikviewDevelopment& Test Server
      • Build Number 11.20.12904.0
      • DSC: Configurable LDAP Directory Service (Setup and Working)
      • Authentication: Allow anonymous
      • Authorization: DMS

      The LDAP solution was created with help from Qlikview support service and it's based on the creation of WebTickets. Since the solution was custom made and a new IIS login site was created to enable this, I guess the best way to go with this would be to redirect to default login if the LDAP one failed. Is this possible?