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    How to include and if sentence on a set analytic?

      Hello guys,


      After several days with the same problem, I need some help.


      Right now I got a couple of variables like this:


      vCurrentMonth = =num(Month(Today()))

      vCurrentYear = =num(Year(Today()))

      vPreviousMonth  = =num(Month(AddMonths(Date(Today()),-1)))

      vPreviousYear = =num(Year(AddYears(Date(Today()),-1)))


      Witch I use along the qlv. This way I can show on a table data from the actual Month and Year as follows ...

      =sum({1<month={'$(vCurrentMonth)'},year={'$(vCurrentYear)'} >} events)

      and for the previous month:


      =sum({1<month={'$(vPreviousMonth)'} ,year={'$(vCurrentYear)'}>} events



      This works for every case except for January, because obviously the year changes. How can I include and if sentence on the code for the previous month, with the next logic?


      If (month = '1') ]







      Thanks in advance,

      Kind Regards