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    Unable to open document



      I am unable to open a document I created using QV Personal Edition. I have not tried to open any other .qvw documents on my system so I am surprised to see this happening.



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          nagarjuna k

          Yes,In personal Edition it happens ,you need license for it .But you can create application in your system.




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            jagan mohan rao appala



            Is the same user & same PC you created this file?  If not then it is not possible, you need license for this.




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              Hirish V



              You have to use your files in the same machine and by the same windows username.

              If you have opened not your file than you can't open your files, because your personal key have been changed.

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                Gabriel Oluwaseye



                In personal edition I think you can only open 5 app and after that you need license to open another app.

                So if you can't open the app then you've exceeded your allowed free app on personal edition.

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                    Daniel Greenberg

                    That's not right.  Personal's only limitation is you cannot open documents created by someone else.


                    You can use it as long as you like with your own documents that your userid on your computer used.  If you upgrade to Windows 10 it may consider you a different user then when you were on 7/8.


                    You are allowed a few document recoveries which is what people are talking about.


                    Here is what I would try:

                    1) if possible have someone with a license open it for you

                    2) do a binary load of that QVW you will get all of the data but none of the charts

                    3) get a license if possible


                    It is also possible the QVW is corrupt or you are locked out by section access. 


                    Can you give the specific message you get when trying to open it?


                    Do other documents open for you?

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                        Gabriel Oluwaseye

                        Hi Dan,


                        I missed that bit,I wasn't very clear with that explanation. I meant when you're trying to open another .qvw file created by another person, thanks for pointing that out. Yes if you create your own file you'll be able to open it as many time as you like with.

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                            Daniel Greenberg

                            As I mentioned it could also be corrupt hard to tell without having someone else try and open it and we still don't know if you are getting an error about no more document recoveries to see if it thinks it's recovering it like if you upgraded windows and it thinks it's a different user....


                            If it is corrupt I have had success when all else fails by trying to open the document in an older version of QlikView.  Sometimes it takes going back to QV 9 or QV 10 for that trick to work.  It doesn't happen too often but I have seen a number of corrupt QVWs.


                            If you are locked out because of section access that's another story.


                            I would still try and binary load the QVW.  I would also try opening with no data by right clicking on the dashboard from the recent list.