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    Qlik Sense KPI  to sheet & open on value

    Joanna Seldon



      i have a kpi, which shows how many customers (customersID) order a breaching 7 days of being delivered, and another that shows exactly the same but 14 days. 


      e.g March 2014... 3 customers 7 day breach,  and       6 customers 14 day breach.


      there is set analysis that is behind the kpi are fixed, that count (customersID) based on two conditions... e.g OrderOrigin {"Overseas"}, and Department {"Catering"}


      i have enabled the functionality to click on kpi and it opens on a data sheet table "sheet"


      i want it however pass the value through


      so on the 7 day kpi, when you click to data sheet "Sheet" you only see the 3 customersID's and details.


      1. is there code that can be added to the kpi for this to happen?


      2. i did find a qlik branch object, but i can only find one that will on pass one value e.g OrderOrigin {"Overseas"}....but i need two variables


      OrderOrigin {"Overseas"}, and Department {"Catering"}


      is there a link too a branch extension button i can use to pass two variables


      please help