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    Qlikview over SSL VPN Tunel (Checkpoint)

      Hi all!


      We have implemented Qlikview in the company with SSO, everything works fine, users can log in automatically with the browser and perform their work.


      However, for security reasons must implement a ssl tunneling system and to do it we are using Mobile Access from checkpoint.

      How it works: Basically the user connects to the Mobile Access portal and chose which site or applicacion, then a tunnel is created from the firewall to the desired site/app. This allows easy and secure access from anywhere without configuring VPNs on all the devices.


      Mobile Access main.png


      We have succesfuly configured Mail sites, VMware, fileservers, etc but when we try to access Qlikview an infinite loading screen appears:






      I've been looking to other posts with similar issues with no success




      Thanks in advance for your help! Let me know if you need more data