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    inventory turns

      Hi all,

                I am kind of stuck with a requirement. Can anybody help me with this please

      i have my inventory and sales across the year by week. i need to calculate the inventory turns. my calculations needs to be

      ((current week inventory+last week inventory)/2)/sales for current week. i have tried the previous(inventory) function but did not help. is there any other way that i can achieve this?. i was able to calculate the turns in a pivot table with this expression

      RangeAvg( Before( Sum ([inventory]),0,2 ))/SUM([sales]). But not able to project the same in a bar or line chart. i know that before function doesnt work with charts other than pivot chart. So can anybody help me with this?



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          Naresh Guntur

          Before may not work as it works on the front end. This goes wrong if a selection is applied.


          I would suggest you create a new table with the averages calculated and then link it to the main table based on the week.