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    Unable to find *.msi file while installing server

      Hi all,

      I am new to qlikview. Can someone guide me on how to install it. I have followed the reference manual. But stopped here as i was not able to find the mentioned *.msi file in the given path.

      Hope some can help me out so that i can start the deployment.

      After installing and restarting the system i am unable to find required *.msi file. For reference i have copied the screen shot of that.

      error loading image

      Also i am not able to find the path as mentioned as optional in the reference manual


      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Reference manual points~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      Obtaining the MSI package
      If you need the msi package for installation you have to extract it from the
      exe file.

      1 Start the installation from the exe file and let the first dialog open.
      2 In the temp folder in C:\Documents and Settings\username\
      Local Settings, or C:\Users\username\App-
      Data\Local depending on you operating system, you will find the
      msi file under a random name, e.g. ed34g.msi.

      3 Copy the msi file to a location of your choice.
      4 Exit the exe installation.
      5 Install using the msi (see below for silent installation). See also
      Deploying MSI packages with Group policies in Appendix D.

      Silent Installation

      To make a silent installation start the msi file, 32-bit or 64-bit, from the command
      line with the following parameters for the msi package:
      msiexec /i QvsSetupRedist.msi MYUSERNAME=domain\username
      MYPASSWORD=password /l*v log.txt /qn
      and for the exe file:
      msiexec /i QvsSetupRedist.exe MYUSERNAME=domain\username
      MYPASSWORD=password /l*v log.txt /qn
      where domain\username is the domain and username of the user you wish the
      QlikView Server/Publisher services to run as, password is the password of that user,
      /l*v creates a log for the installation and /qn makes the installation silent.