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    Last years Basket size

      Hello eveybody,


      I'm working on key numbers and would like to get some help. On my dashboard, I have something that looks like this:


      As you can see to the left (Net Sales), I have also calculated net sales from last year (the blue numbers right next to it). If I'd like to do the same with for an example Basket size, how do I do that? My expression for basket size is: "sum(Sales)/count(DISTINCT [%Order])" and the expression for last years sale is: "Sum({<Year = {'$(=Max(Year) -1)'}>} Sales)".


      I would like to combine these expression somehow. Instead of Sales I'd like to put in the expression for Basket size, like this:


      Sum({<Year = {'$(=Max(Year) -1)'}>}sum(Sales)/count(DISTINCT [%Order]))

      But it doesn't work of course. How do I write this in the best possible way?


      Betty Habtemariam