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    Color an entire row

    Orson Sorrill


      If you have a straight table (or a table box for that matter - obviously the properties differ but humor me).


      With in this straight table, one field lists Warehouses (WH1, WH2, WH3...) and the other expression fields represent stock measurements (Back Orders, In Stock...)

      I'd like to compare the stock in WH1 with that in WH2, WH3,..   This I've scripted a field flagging WH1 with a '1' and '2'  collectively for the other warehouses. WH1 is the central warehouse and so comparisons are always relative to WH1.


      How do I highlight the entire row for WH1 in the table box to display in a particular color?

      I.E. How do highlight the entire WH1 row? I'd like it to stick out for easy comparison with the rest. 


      I'm feeling lazy:). I don't fancy conditionally changing the color of each column in WH1 row. I want the entire row highlighted in one go.

      Any ideas?