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    publisher service on different server

      Hi everybody

      If I want to have QlikView server running on first server and reloading of qvw files to do on second(diferent) server, does this I can do if I have Qlikview server licence and Publisher licence ?


      More details:

      On first server will be running Qlikview server without publisher licence (of course with possibility to reload qvw files as Publisher Standard), on second will be running publisher services (installed Qlikview server but with no licence and not running, but with entered licence of publisher)


      In different sources I found :

      In addition, each license of QlikView Publisher allows an additional node/server for reload, distribution,

      or security management in a multi-node/server deployment.


      QlikView Publisher improvements

      The product previously known as QlikView Publisher

      Enterprise Edition is now an add-on license component to

      QlikView Server.

      The Publisher module has been optimized for more

      efficient utilization of multiple execution instances.


      23.2 Installation on Multiple Machines

      There are many possible installation combinations for QlikView Publisher. Here

      we will go through the settings you need to modify in order to install different components

      on different machines. These combinations are only possible when running

      QlikView Enterprise Management Console.