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    Qlikview QVW file disappeared

    Maria Lopez

      We don't have any idea why a QVW file can disappeard.

      We are working in a 6 QVS cluster with 2 Publisher and 3 months ago a qvw just disappeared, but today It happened again.

      Does anybody knows what could happened?

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          Tyler Waterfall

          Is it possible that it got 'lost' during a reload / distribute task?

          Can you see when it last reloaded or was published? That might give a clue.

          (And here's a little plug for the Governance Dashboard which could help you identify when the app was last reloaded. You could also search the Message field of the Event log (for the specific qvw) to see if there is any information about it.)


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              Maria Lopez

              Hi Tyler

              thank you for your help.

              But if you read the log it finished at 8 pm, and everything was ok.  everything was extracted as we needed.

              Today at 6 am the qvw was vanished


              last log's lines:



              13/01/2016 20:01:32: 0705  NEXT vNumRow

              13/01/2016 20:01:32: 0710  LET vNumCossesu = FieldNumber('COSSESU','ServiciosConsumosNoLiquidados_Tmp')

              13/01/2016 20:01:32: 0712  IF 0<>0 then

              13/01/2016 20:01:32: 0915  drop table AUX_PeriodosRecientes

              13/01/2016 20:01:33: 0917  drop Table AUX_CiclosRecientes

              13/01/2016 20:01:33: 0922  Exit Script

              13/01/2016 20:01:35:      Execution finished.


              We are using Governance Dashboard but is like everything was ok, except that in the morning the qvw was dissapeared.