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    Can't change default setup on Qlikview Server SR2

    Tom Mandt

      I had been running QVS v9 and we ran into a problem with the Distribution Service taking over all the server resource. Found the fix to it to be "install SR2" ( http://community.qlik.com/ forums/t/22108.aspx)

      I did the install (first uninstalling v9, then installing SR2 - 32bit) and I have the following problem.
      When I open the Management Console, I can step through the tabs, - the services are running, but where ever there s/b configuration data, the fields are blank or if there is a radio button to select, it can't be selected. If I do try to select something or fill in a field and hit "Apply" - I get the following error.

      "Invalid Request: Exception has been thrown by the target of an Invocation"

      It seems like a default configuration is running, but I can't set anything up.

      BTW - I uninstalled and reinstalled SR2 two more times with a server reboot, all with same results.

      What do I do next?