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    No clue how to start the server and deploy the document in web/local

      Hi All,

      I have completed developing the qlikview application. Later i wanted to deploy it in the web. For that reason i have installed the server. My manager has did something with it and i think he created the mounted folder or something like that but i don't know what it is. That time we were able to see the start here.

      error loading image

      Later i was trying do so something later i am not able to find the start again. It is like what was above in the picture.

      I am newbie! I really don't have any idea as how to deploy the application in web. I am going through the guide but i am not able to understand anything. As it is not straight forward in the guide so finding it difficult. I am refering to Qvs Reference Manual.pdf file. Let me know which guide will be easy for starters to understand it.